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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

3 ways to leave an impact in every woman’s memory

1. Be truthful: Although the truth is often unpleasant to hear, a woman will respect a man for telling her the truth. As men we’re often untruthful with women because of our own selfish desires(sex, temporary companionship, greediness, etc.) One of the most hurtful feelings a woman can ever have is feeling used or taken advantage of in any way. Although being truthful may initially disappoint her, as time goes on she’ll appreciate that our honesty saved her from time being wasted and unnecessary heartache.

2. Uplift her spirits: A woman will always gravitate to a man who know the right thing to say and do, and know the right time to do it(A skill every man needs to develop with women). A woman loves a man who can make her laugh. A woman loves a man who she can have new experiences with and grow together. Whether spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and ECONOMICALLY $$$$$ (which is mandatory in the 21st century) a woman has to know the man she’s with is constantly lifting her higher. As a man the higher we go, the higher we’ll be able to take our woman.

3. Help her open up her door of opportunity: Nobody has to convince a woman to start a business. But the problem is that the men that women are in a relationship with, because of insecurity, doesn’t get their man full support, if any at all! Men get jealous when a woman has a business meeting, go to networking events, has to frequently travel for her business, etc. Why would a woman want a man in her life who doesn’t support the ideas on the inside of her? As men we have to show our women that we believe in what she’s doing and we fully support her grind to make it happen.

Conclusion: With any man, the first memory that will come to any woman’s mind is the way that man treated her. As men its important that each woman we meet we be truthful, uplift her, and support her ideas in every way we can. That’s how we leave an impact with every woman we meet and we have their enduring support!

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