This success story is about…

Company Founder: Kemo Sevin 

Location: U.S. Colorado & Central Texas

Company: Cannabis Corner

Industry: Cannabis Farm & Product Manufacturing

As Kemo holds a sealed plastic bag of green hemp buds, an unmistakably cannabis-like smell fills the air. It holds legal status in Texas and other states.

But Kemo doesn't have to hide his business, because it's Hemp Flower. And in Texas, where recreational marijuana use is prohibited and a bill to decriminalize marijuana remains languishing in the state senate, this cannabis product is legal to anyone over 21 and is ready to hit the big time.

Kemo owns Cannabis Cravings, which aims to bring cannabis-grown hemp products to the Central Texas area. The company, is and for now focusing on distribution, business-to-business sales, dispensary supply with a focus on the food manufacturing industry.


What is Hemp? Cannabis that has a delta-9 THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. In order to be legal in Texas, Kemo's cannabis products, and all other Hemp products, must contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC.

"Our Cannabis Hemp strain is not as potent as delta-9." Kemo said that on average, his hemp delta-9 products, which he called marijuana's "gentle cousin," are about half as strong as typical cannabis strains. While the euphoric "high" isn't as strong, Kemo said that potential negative side effects, such as paranoia or disorientation, are less with Hemp than regular cannabis.

Cannabis Cravings manufactures edible products, made from his USDA Certified "Hemp" flower. The finished product is made by growing different varieties of low-THC hemp strains and then infusing it with carrier oils. The plant is grown on his farm in Colorado that he partnered with for the operation, Kemo said. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp production, the plant is legal to use in Texas.

Cannabis Cravings is now targeting distributors, as well as new cannabis owners, looking to sell "infused" items to the consumer. The company is in its early stages, which is why Kemo said that at this point, educating consumers is the most important thing.

Naturally, Kemo hopes it stays legal, but his eyes are on the future. If and when Texas makes recreational marijuana legal, he wants Cannabis Cravings to have the infrastructure and expertise to make the next step. "We're pioneers in this area for this industry," Kemo said.

In closing Cannabis Cravings see's massive opportunity helping people get healthy and is committed to owning it. To learn more about the company visit:  the Central Texas Business Development Center for more information.  Chaz Miles, Chief Editor/Journalist