This story is about…

Female Entrepreneur: Jon’i Conore’

Location: U.S. & Australia

Company: Conore’ Beauty Associates

Industry: Brand Empowerment Creation

Her Business is called Conore’ a trademarked brand which has successful presence in the European market and now gained a lot of attention in the U.S. Her mission is to help Young Women of her generation get Unstuck, Reclaim their Self Worth, Create a Meaningful and Profitable Career around their Life Purpose and Get Their Sexy Back.


Why she created a brand for others?

She started her brand after going through a challenging personal time and then ICC Success Academy turned her life around and now she helps other women do the same.


8 years ago I had what many describe as my ‘dark night of the soul’. I had to walk away from a career that I loved due to financial struggles and found myself broke, alone, with little support, depressed and in a job I hated.

I had lost all of my self confidence and self worth. For a long time I tried to deal with the depression and feelings of hopelessness on my own, but slowly through the support of my wonderful mom, dad and ICC Unlimited, who invest in aspiring and new small business owners, I began to emerge from what I can only describe as a ‘dark hole’.

It is now my mission to help other young women who are where I was, to re- discover their self worth and confidence and create a fabulous, meaningful life that they love! It’s funny, as I talk to many young women, I have discovered that we all go through that ‘dark night of the soul’ to some degree, but the pain and challenges that we face will turn out to be our greatest gift, if young women and men use that pain as fuel to move forward. In our greatest challenge lies the secret to living our true purpose on this planet.


View Jon'i video on escaping the "Broken Relationship" in life 

In closing Jon'i see's massive opportunity for young women and teens and is committed to owning it. To learn more about her company visit:  & her partnership with I.C.C.

Chaz Miles, ICC Chief Editor/Journalist