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This success story is about…

Company Founder: Jenica Horton 

Location: Michigan

Company: Kreative Productions LLC

Industry: Fashion & Cosmetic Manufacturing

At only 20 years of age Jenica Horton, is the founder of Kre'ative Productions LLC and is placing her in the status as serial entrepreneur with her brands KrochetKrazy, Kreative Kosmetics, and Kutezy Kloset. Jenica first started crocheting when she was nine years old and started "KrochetKrazy" when she was 14, a company that custom makes crochet apparel & accessories. "I've always enjoyed making my own fashion wear, and when my grandmother taught me to crochet, I eventually was inspired to turn it all into a business to help others who enjoy quality products and made with natural ingredients, which is how "Kreative Kosmetics" came about. Lastly, I created the "Kutezy Kloset" because I have wanted to take fashion designing to another level, so I'm creating an online store where I provide a variety of versatile items to serve diverse customers such as dresses, pants, skirts, purses, bracelets including my crochet products as well. 

What has been your biggest challenges so far with running your business?

"With all the creative genes in the world, the tools and essentials to get it done still doesn’t mean running a business will be successful just because you design a web site and make business cards. I began working straight out of high school and got a few good temporary jobs here and there, but nothing big. Being able to market my talents and get them in front of the right people was a challenge starting off."


"At this moment, not being able to create the empire of my dreams never stopped me from continuing on doing what I loved the most. I began developing my craft when I had no work. I jumped around from different part time jobs just to make money and I was also devoted to creating crochet fashion patterns and designs for my own business ventures, and suddenly, my life took a huge stand still. I was now an entrepreneur who had hardly no clients, no customer leads, no car, no money, and no way to really make everything work that I had planned."


How do you keep motivated and who inspires you?

"Knowing God’s grace and having faith that all things will come to pass if I believe and know it will happen. Without my faith I wouldn’t have gotten through many of the hurdles that have come upon me in my path."  I am inspired by people who want to inspire others, like my godmother who built her company basically from nothing but pure unselfish love to help others succeed." 


"My godmother is a inspirational force in my life and has connected me to my now business management company I.C.C. Unlimited LLC. which is showing me that my dream empire is achievable, and develops me on how to actually operate a company in reality." "If everyone gets together and inspires others, imagine how great things would be, so its important to find a way to make your passion a blessing to someone else. I want to thank everyone who has, is and will inspire me to continue to conquer my goals."

In closing Kre'ative Productions is a company thats built on integrity and inspiring the young generation to excel in entrepreneurship.  Chaz Miles, Chief Editor/Journalist 

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